Commission Information

If you have wanted to make your own keyboard or other desk accessories like an artisan tray or wrist rest you have come to the right place! Read below for information on how to get started!

Steps to getting a commissioned design:
1. Fill out the form below

2. Await a response via Discord or Email (within 48 hours)

3. Discuss your ideas for the design with me

4. The design will then be made and renders will be sent to you for approval, or to point out any changes you would like

5. A .step file will be provided for the commissioned design as well as a plate file and technical drawing if required

6. You will be put in touch with a trusted manufacturer to get a quotation and place an order for the design

Pricing is based on a case-by-case basis and includes only the digital files and assistance in ordering the design. It does not include a physical object

Pricing below is not final and only reflects an estimation for what to expect:

  • Artisan tray, wrist rest, other desk accessories - Starting at $75
  • Simple 60% (like a friction fit Oring mount with a bottom plate or weight) - starting at $250
  • Simple TKL/65%/75% ( Simple mounting like oring or top, simple case geometry) - starting at $300
  • Non-standard layout (alice or other more complex designs) - starting at $350
  • Pricing increases for more complex designs such as multiple weights, complex side profiles, experimental mounting styles etc. These designs typically range between $450-$600

Commission FAQ:

What can be commissioned?

  • Keyboards, artisan trays, wrist rests, screw trays, and macropads are all examples of designs I have done in the past, but if you have an idea for something not listed just ask!

What if my design requires a custom PCB?

  • I can get you in contact with and work with a PCB designer on your project

Any other questions?

  • Feel free to reach out to me on discord at bowlkb or submit a Contact Us form

To proceed with a commission, please click the button below