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Geass60 Revival Information

Geass60 Revival is an ode to Lance and I's first keyboard, the Geass60 which kickstarted me into designing and running my own keyboards. Geass60 Revival is my take on the original design, with a low profile feel, custom molded gaskets, hidden screws, and many case pieces. 

== Specifications and Details ==

 Layout -  MX HHKB, WKL
 Materials - 6063 Aluminum top case, bottom case, accent pieces, sandblasted or polished stainless steel weight, Brass internal sheet
 Typing angle - 7.8 degrees
 Front Height - 16.48 mm (without lip) EKH - 21.37mm
 Weight - 1.6Kg Unbuilt
 Mounting - Custom Designed Silicone Gasket Mount (more information below)
 Other features:

  • Hidden screws (Baion Bolts)
  • Seamless top and bottom case
  • Interchangeable Geass Logo
  • Screwless S1 DB with Ez-mate to JST cable

== Mounting Details ==

Custom molded silicon gaskets are used to fully isolate the plate from the case. After using readily available gaskets on a few of my designs I decided that it was time for me to design and produce my own gaskets that are designed specially for my keyboard designs. The result, is a gasket that fits onto the plate that is then sandwiched between the top and bottom case. This gives a resemblance to the tried and true top mount while, in my experience, having a more comfortable typing feel and cleaner sound.

== Sales Info ==
Format: FCFS GB
Date: Q4 2023
Worldwide: Bowl Keyboards

Layout: MX HHKB, WKL
Colors: Black, Indigo
Target Price: $450 USD Sandblasted weight, $500 Polished weight
Units: Softcapped at 100 units

== Kit Contents ==
1x 6063 Anodized aluminum top case
1x 6063 Anodized aluminum bottom case
1x Stainless steel sandblasted or polished weight
1x 6063 Aluminum anodized geass badge
2x 6063 Anodized aluminum accent pieces
1x G60 "Geass" solderable or hotswap PCB
1x 5052 Anodized Aluminum Plate
8x 60a gaskets
1x S1 DB and Ez-mate to JST cable
1x Geass60 Revival carry case
1x Geass60 Revival auth card
Necessary screws, feet, and other accessories

- Addons -

Aluminum Half Plate
PC Plate
PP Plate
CF Plate
30a Gaskets
90a Gaskets
Brass Logo
Polished SS Logo
Green Grill Accents
Red Grill Accents
Hotswap PCB
Solder PCB
S1 Daughterboard

== Renders and Images ==


Renders below:


== Current Status ==
8/11/23 Prototypes ordered.
9/30/23 Prototypes arrived, currently in testing
11/04/23 In GB!