OC-62 Build Guide

OC-62 Build Guide:

Kit Contents:

1x 6063 Aluminum anodized top case
1x 6063 Aluminum anodized bottom case
1x Copper weight
1x 5052 Aluminum anodized plate
1x S1 DB and JST to Ezmate and Ezmate to Ezmate cables
12x 90a Groove gasket strips
12x 90a Flat gasket strips
1x Molded carry case and microfiber bag
1x OC-62 Auth card/build guide
Necessary screws, feet, and other accessories


Step 1.
Unpack the kit and verify all contents are included. Prepare stabilizers and switches.

Step 2.

Insert stabilizers and switches into plate and PCB, if solderable PCB, solder switches

Step 3. 

Disassemble top and bottom case by unscrewing 8x Case screws (M1.5 driver).

Step 4.

Connect EZ-mate connector to S1 DB and remove 6x weight screws (M1.5 driver). Install DB on posts in the weight. Ensure the cable is in the weight slot. I recommend folding the cable over itself to contain the excess cable. 

Step 5.

Replace the weight and 6x weight screws in the bottom case. Install 10x gaskets of your choosing (Blue for aluminum plates, pink for non-grooved plates) into top and bottom case. 

Step 6.

Install PCB and Plate assembly into the case and replace the top case.

Step 7.

Replace 8x case screws and install 4x feet. 

Step 8.

Install keycaps and enjoy!