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EE-AT is a collaboration between  This board takes the W1-AT form factor and mounting style, and introduces a lower typing angle along with a little inspiration borrowed from IBM, , and most importantly, Edward and Ein from Cowboy Bebop!

A message from the designers Egypt and Brick:
"Edward and Ein, from the critically acclaimed animated series Cowboy Bebop, represent something special to the two of us, a liminality that often goes unnoticed. Characters like Spike, Jet, or Faye who reside at the forefront of the plot tend to be well-understood and loved, and rightfully so; however we feel that Ed and Ein are the underdogs of our beloved space-traveling bounty hunters.
To us, this lovable duo became the glue that kept the gang together and keep the show feeling light-hearted, even at the height of the greatest perils that they face. It’s no coincidence that upon their departure from the gang to live out their lives, the mood of the show takes a somber turn as we then lose our favorite bounty hunter gang, one by one.
Ed and Ein represent the ability for one to take joy in life and to remember to revel in lightheartedness amongst the rough times, as well as the desire to go beyond the fear of the unexpected to find our truest selves, an attitude that has been fostered within us by the keyboard hobby, and one which we wish to bring forward with the contribution of the EE-AT project."

== Specifications and Details ==

Layout - WKL, WK
Materials - 6063 Aluminum Top, Brass "Front" Bottom, Copper "Rear" Bottom
Typing Angle - 4 degrees
Front Height - 19.25mm (Without Lip)   EKH - 23.04mm 
Weight: 2.8Kg Unbuilt
Mounting - Plateless Tadpole and Plateless Top Mount
Other Features: 

  • Unique folding bottom design
  • Thematic Ed and Ein engravings
  • Low profile angle with a cherry lip

== Internal Details ==

With a Hotswap PCB designed by Yiancar in collaboration with Geonworks the EE-AT and the W1-AT by Geonworks are compatible with pcbs, plates, and other accessories. The EE-AT Hotswap PCB supports full tsangan WK bottom row, split backspace, and split right shift. 

== Sales Info ==

Format: FCFS GB
Date: 1-1-2024 - 2-1-2024
Vendors: Bowlkeyboards (Worldwide)

Layout: WKL, WK
Colors: Red, Dark Green, Rose Beige, "Commission" Color upgrade
Price: $525 USD Stock kit (Aluminum Top, Brass and Copper Bottom). $550 Commission Colorway (Aluminum Top, Aluminum and Copper Bottom), $625 Commission Color (Aluminum Top, Brass and Copper Bottom)
Units: 50 Unit Cap (10 Unit MOQ)

== Kit Contents ==

1x 6063 Aluminum anodized top case
1x Brass or Aluminum (commission) front weight
1x Copper rear weight
1x W1-AT Hotswap PCB or W1-AT Solderable PCB
1x C3 Unified DB and JST-JST cable
1x Carry case and microfiber bag
16x 50A Tadpoles
Necessary screws, feet, and other accessories

*Commission Details*
Commission Addon exchanges "stock" kit colorway for customers choice from manufacturers stock colors. 

Optional Addons:
Tadpoles (various durometers)
W1-AT Solderable PCBs by Yiancar and Geonworks
W1-AT Floating plates by Geonworks
W1-AT Hotswap PCB by Yiancar
C3 Unified DB and JST-JST Cable
Scuf Feet

== Images ==
Photos by Flybeck, Brick, and Myself

== Current Status ==

Prototype 1: Tested, photographed, assessed for modifications
Added case tadpoles to provide resistance against case screws to reduce pinging generated by shape of the board

Prototype 2: Completed, Arrived and currently in testing

GB Date and details confirmed.

== Planned Content ==