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Commission Q&A

Have questions on the form?
Here is a breakdown of what each question is asking!


Form Factor
In this section please select which form factor you would like for the keyboard, for questions about what these mean you can learn more here


Typing Angle:
Please specify what typing angle you would like here, ex. 8 degrees, 6 degrees, etc.


Desired Front Height:
Please specify what you would like the front height to be, if you are not sure an exact measurement, you can list things such as: Low, As low as possible, <20mm , etc.

PCB To Design Around:
Please specify which PCB you would like the keyboard to be based on. For example, for a 60% with a Daughterboard, Hineybush H60 would be an option. If you are not sure what is available or if you need a custom one designed, do not hesitate to reach out!

Mounting Style:
Note, that this is multiple choice because often multiple mounts can be implemented into a keyboard, but there are some restrictions, if you have questions about this, please ask!

Top Mount: when a screw goes through the plate and screws into the top case of the keyboard

Gummy Oring: wraps an oring around the PCB/Plate Assembly and can be like a bakeneko where there is horizontal pressure on the oring as it rests on posts in the case, or where there is vertical pressure like in a gummy oring TKL where the oring is not compressed sideways but rests on posts in the case.

Tadpole: designed by Geonworks the Tadpole is a molded silicone part that replaces screws, generally, it feels and sounds similar to top mount with a softer bottom out depending on the durometer selected.

Grommet: Made of NBR Rubber, grommets are generally used to seal holes but they also work very well in isolating the plate from the keyboard case. They generally have a slightly softer feel than top mount and can have a cleaner sound profile.

Poron Gasket: Popular mounting style where the plate is isolated from the case using strips of adhesive poron. Generally have a dampened feel and sound profile compared to other mounting.


F1 - style oring sandwich: The F1 by Geon is a very popular board where the mounting relies on the plate being sandwiched between 2 strips of Oring. This mounting isolates the plate well and has a very clean sound profile

Weight: Weights are used to break up the sound of the keyboard by having a material of a different density in the case, this can help prevent resonance and hollow sounds from the keyboard. Additionally they are a great way to personalize the keyboard with. If you have any questions about any of these options please ask.

Seamed or Seamless: Seamed cases have the top and bottom case meet somewhere in the middle and a seam is visible along the sides, and/or front and back (left). Seamless cases have the top or bottom case go over the other so that a seam is not visible when the keyboard is assembled (right).

Side Profile: Please specify what you were wanting for the side profile here, images can also be used to help show what you would like. Some examples could be: Wedge, Box on wedge, Corsa, etc. Photos or drawings are very helpful here.


Lip: A lip means cutting a flat or curved line on the front edge of the keyboard so that it is not a flat face.

Engraving(s): Art to be engraved on the keyboard needs to be provided in an SVG format so that the engraving can be applied.

Other: This section allows you to put any other ideas and things you wanted to be included in the design.